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Yoga is the ultimate self-care practice. It’s also a perfect place to begin your journey to health,  happiness, and transformation. If you’re brand new to yoga, this is the ideal first step in your self-care journey. If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, growing your practice is the cornerstone of your healthy lifestyle. Yoga expands our awareness at the same time it heals and harmonizes our body, mind, and spirit, transforming us from the inside out! Available  Live or through Zoom by appointment.

Workshops & Special Events:

Restorative Yoga Workshop @ Ignite Yoga

When: Saturday February 25th, 12:00 - 3:00pm

Cost: $55 (3 CEU's for RYT's)

     Join me for this unique immersion workshop in the art of renewal, Restorative Yoga. In this workshop, students and teachers alike will learn how to create truly transformative poses and practices that create balance, foster inner calm, and promote deep healing.

     This workshop will help you deepen your understanding of the therapeutic, self-care benefits of restorative yoga and to develop a home practice. Through lecture, discussion and practice, students will gain a clear understanding of the roles of the central nervous system and subtle energy body and how they relate to relaxation and Restorative Yoga. Practice will conclude with a deeply nourishing Yoga Nidra meditation.
     Gain a practical understanding of how restorative poses can be used to relieve stress and the symptoms, imbalances, and illnesses stress and anxiety create. Learn how to use restorative yoga asana, aromatherapy, guided meditation, visualization, and relaxation techniques, as well as pranayama to create balance, nurture inner quiet, and renew core energy. Practice tuning in to subtle energetic fields, developing the ability to sense, see, and feel physical and energetic misalignments, and finding skills for adjusting them to create a greater sense of health and wholeness.

Register at Ignite Yoga:


Private Yoga -  Your practice, your way. Heal, transform, and grow in private sessions designed specifically for your needs and goals. Clients often experience stress reduction, better focus and performance, increased immune function and resilience, weight loss, flexibility, and functional strength (to name a few).


Yoga Therapy - Heal from injury or illness and reduce the effects of stress, tension, and anxiety in sessions focused directly on your personal health goals. Yoga therapy sessions harness the power of self-healing and empower you to


Semi-Private & Small Group - Practice with a friend, spouse, or family member, even your co-workers, in sessions designed for you and focused on bonding, fun, and your unique goals. Sessions often focus on relaxation, stress reduction, flexibility, strength, or all of the above.


Travel with Me! Check out upcoming yoga and wellness retreats here.


Barb Morsa, BA, JD, E-RYT500, YACEP

Barb is a functional health coach, yoga and meditation teacher and

teacher trainer. She is a founder and the former director of teacher

training at Indigo Yoga, and she has trained numerous teachers over

the years. She teaches workshops and in teacher trainings nationally

and is certified at the E-RYT500 level and as a continuing education

provider through Yoga Alliance (YACEP). Barb is passionate about

travel and regularly leads yoga and wellness retreats nationally and



Barb was drawn to yoga many times before developing a dedicated

practice. She began her yoga journey in high school when a theology

teacher introduced her to meditation. The experience of profound

joy and peace, she realized, was the experience of her own soul,

and it launched a lifetime journey into Eastern philosophy and yoga. 


Barb holds a B.A. in Philosophy and she is a former litigation attorney.

In law school, and again as a young mother, Barb found that her yoga practice kept her grounded during life’s inevitable challenges. With continued practice, she saw that yoga was transforming her life in both simple and profound ways. Inspired to learn and experience more, she completed her first 200 hour teacher training at YogahOMe in Cincinnati. She began teaching yoga while maintaining a full-time corporate law practice. Several years later, she completed her 500 hour training at YogahOMe, eventually leaving her law practice for the full-time practice of yoga and the founding of Indigo Yoga.


A perpetual and devoted student, Barb continues to study with many national and international teachers. She has studied extensively in the area of Restorative Yoga and yoga therapy with her Iyengar teachers and the Urban Zen Integrated Therapy faculty. Barb is truly passionate about yoga as a tool for active compassion, self-care, and deep healing on all levels. She brings humor, compassion, and wisdom to all of her heart-centered practices, which blend asana, breathwork, and mindfulness meditation techniques. Both in her teaching and in life, she considers it an honor to guide others to a direct experience of body, mind, and soul.



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