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Functional Medicine 

Health Coaching & Nutritional Genomics


Functional medicine is a revolutionary approach to health, focused on finding and treating the root cause of illness. It is a proactive, holistic method of self-care that empowers you to take charge of your health and your care. By identifying the root causes of illness and treating them as naturally as possible, it is possible to give your body what it needs to self-heal. After all, you are divinely designed to do this!


The foundation of functional medicine is the use of food, lifestyle, and nutritional supplements as front-line therapy. Low-inflammatory nutrition, combined with simple lifestyle changes, proper supplementation, and cultivating a positive mindset will help you take charge of your health and create your best life now.


The Pillars of Radiant Health and Wellbeing:

Repair & Restore Gut Health

Balance Hormones

Detoxify & Clear Toxins

Optimize Nutrition

Manage Weight & End Disordered Eating

Lower Stress & Improve Sleep Quality

Optimize Immune Function

Increase Energy & Mental Clarity

Age Gracefully


Health Coaching Services Include:


  • an integrated care plan for total body/mind/spirit health;

  • nutritional genomics analysis and consultation (encouraged);

  • personalized nutrition plans based on your history and genetic blueprint;

  • supplementation for your unique needs;

  • mindset coaching


NutriGenomics can play a vital role in informing your health care plan. Using your raw genetic data from 23 & Me or Ancestry, we reinterpret your genetic information using a platform called PureGenomics. This creates a detailed blueprint of the unique genetic expressions and variants that make you, YOU. The blueprint also unlocks the genetic vulnerabilities that provide a roadmap to better health. Using the most current, evidence based data, we can then inform the nutritional and lifestyle modifications that you need and that will have the greatest impact.

Functional Medicine can help you heal your gut, manage your weight, reduce chronic pain and reliance on medications, balance hormones, improve sleep, and feel energetic and vibrant at any age.You CAN create a healthy body and a calm, clear mind. Health coaching sessions focus specifically on identifying the nutritional and lifestyle changes that bring your health goals to reality.


Your individualized Care Plan will address:

  • nutrition - based on your genetics and health goals;

  • supplements - what you need and what you don’t;

  • sleep - falling asleep, staying asleep, and improving sleep quality;

  • exercise - developing a balanced, sustainable exercise program that is right for you;

  • stress - handling mental and emotional stressors;

  • finances - managing finances to create space for health and self-care;

  • support - growing spiritual connection & healthy support systems

Try Health Coaching Risk-Free - Schedule a Free, 15-minute Consult to see if we are a good fit.   Available by phone or through Zoom.


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