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Claire Good, ERYT500

Patient Coordinator for Dr. Morris, Functional Medicine Health Coach

Claire Good, ERYT500, has been teaching yoga since 2012. She is also a Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach, blending a holistic approach to coaching with yoga and meditation interventions.

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My Story

Claire first discovered yoga in high school as a complement to her ballet training. She later realized the powerful impact of yoga as a mind/body healing art through her training programs at Sri Yoga in Dayton, OH, and Sangha Yoga Institute in Kalamazoo, MI.

Claire teaches yoga classes and workshops for all levels of practitioners. She integrates both ancient philosophy and modern science in her teachings. Claire helps her students repair their nervous systems, and anchor in their calm, steady center by harmonizing body, mind, and breath.

Her personal health journey led Claire to explore coaching for herself. She saw huge progress when she felt supported, heard, and empowered to make decisions that positively impacted her wellness. In 2019, she completed her coach training, thorough Yoga Mindset Coaching (YMC). She continues YMC studies and is soon to complete the prestigious Functional Medicine Health Coach program.

Claire creates a client-centered, supportive space for self-reflection and self-regulation, where the client gains access to the clarity and confidence needed to make healthy decisions and manifest the lives they longed for.

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